Web Site Developed & Maintained By : POWER PRINT, CBSA;  e-mail : pinkucbsa@gmail.com ABOUT THE SCHOOL The St. Viveka English Medium School established in the year 1997 falls under Chaibasa, Singhbhum (W), Jharkhand,  The school has a beautiful & spacious building. As it is situated near a big & famous garden named Mangilal Rungta  Garden, The school enjoys healthy environment & atmosphere. The Medium of teaching is both, English & Hindi of  high standard. This school is called an ideal school in Chaibasa for the Physical, Mental and Moral development of  children.  OBJECTS OF THE SCHOOL St. Viveka English Medium School aims at developing a healthy attitude towards the development of mental,  physical and moral uplift of the students by providing an all-round, liberal and meaningful education, the school aims  at a vigorous pursuit of excellence in academics, extra-curricular activities, games sports, Music and character building  so as to make them a good and successful citizen of the country.  OBJECTIVES :   To promote and inculcate the dignity of labour, the appreciation of intellectual gifts and talents of all kinds in the  mind of children.    To develop disciplinary conduct and a habit to observe the rule of law and self restraint    To develop fluency in the use of both Hindi & English Language (Oral / Written / and Visual) so as to keep strong  feet in the field of communication.   To recognise and to encourage talents of all kinds and of all degrees and an endeavor to stretch the intellectual  and creative capacity of the individual.   To make children best on the stage so that they may have flow of confidence in their heart    To seek to measure to extent of an individual's success in making maximum use of this endowments and  opportunities.    To encourage children to appreciate the virtues of collaboration to foster habits of responsibility and self discipline  and to promote initiative prowess and the exercise of individual judgment    To enable children to acquire the tools and qualifications necessary for earning their living with self respect    To develop the feeling of honesty and duty towards the family, society and country, in the mind of children.    To make them understand the real definition of labour, tolerance, care, welfare, community, sensitivity &  humanity. After all the St Viveka English Medium School wishes their children to be Good Doctors, Good Engineers  & Successful Businessmen, Scientists, Players, so that the country India may twinkle like a star in the world.  LAST UPDATE : 15/03/2020